Nujoum Al Alawi Computer Systems was launched in 1994 to provide For the Saudi society and economy aspiring for growth and leadership At that time, software solutions and electronic systems in addition to For various types of technical services and products Developed that keeps pace with the aspirations of companies and private institutions at that time, and in order to contribute from During its role in facilitating the management function and improving production, Governance and control of work, and was able from the first moment From its launch, gaining the trust of its customers and consolidating its position As a reliable and indispensable technology partner for many Government and private agencies, and continued to provide performance Distinguished and providing advanced technical services and products Through which it was able to enrich the system Management and the world of systems, software and modern technology in the Kingdom, and helped it achieve huge leaps in The size of its outputs, its profit margins, and its level of excellence in Work, management and organization, and tracked in this framework An ever-evolving working methodology based primarily on customer satisfaction and providing perfect and reliable products and services, Nojoom Al Alawi became the number one service provider and seller Expert technology with more than 10,000 companies and institutions Inside and outside the Kingdom

Today, Al-Alawi stars continue their rich journey while looking at them With pride for your achievements in serving the work environment In the Kingdom, it also deals with the present with unrelenting passion Broad ambitions and continuous enthusiasm as if they were born today. It is also preparing for the promising future with technical and systems solutions And more advanced and modern software, energy and youthful dreams It seeks to serve its former customers in a more quality manner and professionalism, and Al-Alawi stars strive to serve generations New companies and private institutions are different their names in a way that fulfills their aspirations and hopes from Technologies, software and modern work systems

Our message

Supporting the work and production environment and enhancing the value of modern technologies, software and systems that serve companies, institutions, entrepreneurs and the economy in Saudi Arabia and our customers abroad by providing innovative high quality technical solutions at competitive prices commensurate with the needs of various projects, companies and institutions.

Our Vision

We seek to establish our position as a trusted partner with our former customers, with whom we embarked on a real growth journey in which they realized the value and importance of the strong and sophisticated solutions we have provided for them, and we seek to build a serious relationship with all companies, private institutions and other aspirants in the actual and real use of modern technologies, software and business systems, to contribute together to accelerate the realization of the Kingdom's vision of ٢٠٣٠ and the realization of the dreams and hopes of our great people.

Our Values

Honesty: We value customer confidence in our services and products and our various efforts and offer them high quality products, services and solutions to the best local and international standards

Privacy: We build and provide systems and software that suit each project to the extent that we give it excellence and superiority in performance that accelerates its success and excellence and achieves the greatest effects and results.

Evolution: We are always ready for the new and we initiate the manufacture of technical solutions for our customers and provide them immediately as needed because we consider ourselves on an ever-evolving national business mission.

Customer Satisfaction: We recognize the value of our customers and constantly help them achieve the highest level of success and excellence through outstanding and serious service so we have the largest base of permanent and happy customers.

Mastery: All the software we offer to our customers is completely reliable, tested, useful and effective, and the services we provide invest in our expertise and provide it with great mastery.

Technical Intelligence: We offer a package of smart solutions that ensure the organization and tightening of work and achieving economic and administrative feasibility while preserving, storing and archiving data and information for the purpose of continuous improvement.